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Alice.M Iron Boost


Fight fatigue and boost energy levels with Iron Boost - our uniquely blended capsules are known to help purify your blood, protect against liver damage, relieve digestive problems, and help fight colds/infections.





Alice.M Iron Boost
Alice.M Iron Boost

Iron Boost - Organic Capsules

My Health4Ever's Alice.M - Iron Boost Capsules is the solution for all your iron needs. These pills contain a unique blend of two powerful antioxidants, namely Yellow Dock Root and Burdock Root, that are known to be immune-boosting; liver-protecting herbs that help keep you healthy and energetic.

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- 2-3 capsules daily



- Helps raise iron levels, fight fatigue and boost energy levels
- Has anti-inflammatory properties
- Helps to purify the blood
- May help to protect against liver damage
- Helps to boost the immune system
- Helps relieve digestive problems


Yellow Dock Root:

- Anti-inflammatory properties
- Anti-bacterial properties
- Antibiotic properties
- Immunostimulant properties


Burdock Root:

- Powerhouse of Antioxidants
- Help remove toxins from the blood
- Increase urine flow
- Anti Inflammatory properties
- Anti Cancer properties

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