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Alice.M Sea Moss


Sea Moss has a long history of being used to help you have a healthy thyroid function. Because it has a high iodine content Sea Moss is known to supports a healthy heart and a healthy immune system.



Alice.M Sea MossAlice.M - Sea Moss is a fun and interesting way to improve the health of your body while enjoying some excitement for life.

Because this extract contains 92 different trace minerals, you will get an incredible boost in energy every day! Plus, it promotes natural weight loss.


How does it work?

Sea Moss has been shown to be able to dissolve mucus in our bodies through careful dosage and instructions that are included with purchase. It also helps keep healthier thyroid function so any symptoms of  Thyroid Disorders can be reduced significantly!

In addition, you'll feel more energized when using it because it helps with metabolism.



We’ve narrowed it down and we are excited to unveil its top 10 benefits:

- It contains 92 Minerals
- Promotes a Healthy Thyroid
- Supports a Healthy Heart
- Supports a Healthy Immune System
- Promotes Good Digestion
- Improves Metabolism
- Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
- Supports Hair, Skin and Nails
- Is a great Post Workout Recovery Tonic
- Improves Libido

“God made sea moss and it does everything” ~ Dr Sebi.


For further information on supplements that we have in stock, check out our Food Supplements.



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